Our approach

Each client is unique, its power generation needs are specific and his environment is particular. Our solutions are perfectly adapted to our client’s need and are highly flexible to better meet the customer expectations, its budget and deadlines.

We are keen on establishing a strong relationship with our customers, a partnership founded on empathy, transparency and technical quality, with respect for our commitments as a base of our relationship.

Achieving our objectives in terms of time and performance requires efficient collaboration with our engines or turbines partners/suppliers, always with the same concern for quality.

Responsiveness, reliability, adaptability, availability, quality, competitiveness, flexibility, service and costs are our leitmotiv.


Our Strengths

With more than 30 years of presence in the power generation market in Africa, IMM can rely on strong assets to achieve its missions:

A comprehensive range of technical and project management skills from design to maintenance and operational support by keeping the customer at the center of our approach.


A total independence towards equipment manufacturers, guaranteeing that our proposal is the best solution that fits with our customer’s needs.

Project management

A deeply embedded project management culture, based on an integrated and highly added value technical expertise, with the sole objective of delivering quality in a very short time.


A specific organization, for projects and service delivery, with a team of highly skilled/experienced managers and engineers, who have the ability to quickly intervene on all sizes projects, from simple to complex. The organization is run by our ability to work together for the sole objective of satisfying our client.


The quality of our communication and the relationship with our Customers, Partners and our Suppliers are the key to our competitiveness.

A recognized actor

A successful track record in providing quality products/projects in more than 20 countries that make IMM a recognized actor by the major public or private customers, global engines and turbines manufacturers as well as international financial institutions.

A growing and sustainable demand

A strong position in a market supported by a growing and sustainable demand.

Solid financial structure

A healthy and solid financial structure. I.M.M. has sufficient financial resources to carry out its contracts without recourse to external funding.